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What can a Voice Analysis / Voice Print do?

  • Shed light on a nagging health problem that just can’t be solved 
  • Warn of a predisposition toward a serious illness to allow time for preventative efforts 
  • Help determine the ideal remedy for a physical or emotional problem 
  • Explain the energetics behind “inherited” health conditions  
  • Reveal how emotions can fill in for physically deteriorated organs and systems 
  • Explain the dynamic present in addictive/abusive relationships.. provide the key to shifting ingrained energetic patterns

…and so much more!

With a perfect body in an ideal world, a voice print would show every one of the 12 sound frequencies registering an equal number of sound hits. That would mean a voice print of 240 overall hits, will register 20 hits in each of the frequency categories. Unfortunately, such perfection does not exist in the real world. Instead, as a result of poor lifestyle habits, genetic tendencies and environmental factors, a voice print will show a range of heavy hit categories and weak hit categories interspersed with those that are in the average range. An assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a voice print can act as a guide to improved health, regeneration and increased energy. A voice print can literally point out exactly not only why the door is locked, but also which key is needed to “unlock the door.”

A Hypothetical Example Showing How VoiceBio©™ Works:

As is the case with so many newborns, baby Michael is first introduced to nutrients by way of a sweetened, canned formula. As he gets older, he is fed a diet laden with sugar. He drinks soda pop instead of water, eats candy instead of vegetables, and insists on macaroni and cheese for dinner every evening. The parents wonder why their son has frequent ear infections and suffers from airborne allergies as well as poor concentration in school. But the mystery of the ear infections and poor academic performance can be quickly solved with a 5 minute voice print. This child has been putting undue stress on pancreatic function since the day he was born. Not surprisingly, his voice print shows heavy frequency hits in the note of F, the vibration of the pancreas. Not coincidentally, F is also the frequency of the ears. Relieve excess F stress from this child’s system through nutritional support and lifestyle changes, and he is likely to enjoy better health overall.