The Therapeutic Use of Sound

Throughout history, sound has been employed as medicine for sound healing and therapeutic purposes. Ancient societies used voice and instruments for their therapeutic effect on people’s bodies and minds. The overarching purpose of sound healing, or sound bathing as it is more commonly known, is to use audible vibrations conveyed as sound in combination with intention in order to help the body return to homeostasis, its natural state of health and harmony. Sound has long been linked to the relief of emotional, physical, and mental stress. 

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians employed sound as a method to help people overcome dis-ease. Sound chambers were found in many ancient sites and were used for sound-based rituals and ceremonies. These ancient traditions are still employed for healing in modern times, whether it’s through an ‘om’ at the end of a yoga session or through a sound bath. The latter is a 30- to 60-minute immersive experience that usually includes singing bowls, crystal bowls, bells, chimes, gongs, and other instruments. 

Sound meditations have a profound effect on our health and well-being, leading us to realms of clarity and balance unlike any other. Hundreds of papers of published scientific commentary can now also be found on this subject. Western science is now proving what yogis and indigenous peoples have known for thousands of years.