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I love Sound Joy and highly recommend coming here to loosen up any energetic & emotional blocks and to reset your bodies with the beautiful healing properties of the harmonic egg pod and their other services.
I’ve been here a few times to experience the harmonic egg and it was incredible. An experience unlike anything I’ve ever had.
I felt SO much relief, joy and moments of so much love and bliss that tears just streamed non stop down my face. I felt so comfortable letting it all out in the egg by myself in a super cozy little safe place of non judgement. I was in the relaxing big chair that held me and the warm blanket and I just felt like a baby again. But this time, I felt loved unconditionally with beautiful music and colors healing my past wounds. Then I tried the other services after buying a discount package and it was way worth what I paid. So many benefits, I feel like a new me. I feel empowered and well able to help myself in my own healing journey.
I love Stephanie and Michelle for being a huge reason why I came back again to do more healing work. They have such big hearts and healing energy. THANK YOU!!!💛🙏🏼💕 -Lupe

It was such a nice experience! Stephanie & Michelle took the time to explain the science behind the egg and she also took the time to speak to me about how I was feeling along with any workable areas I wanted to concentrate on. She selected everything in the harmonic egg based off of my personal needs…. right down to the position of the chair and a blanket! I loved seeing all the instruments from other countries and learning about them in the gong room. It was quite lovely knowing that my session was geared towards my needs and not one size fits all. I walked into the studio feeling anxious and walked out with peace in my heart. – Christina

Being in the Harmonic Egg was literally the most relaxed I’ve ever felt!!! I can’t believe it’s even possible. -D