Effects of Stress


Stress can cause us to feel overwhelmed and tired, which can lead to many longterm and chronic health issues. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already tried different options to deal with your stress. Maybe you chose to spend some time alone, meditate, soak in a bath, watch TV, do yoga, garden, make art, journal, exercise, read a book, the list goes on.

If none of those work, you may have elected to see your doctor, but they only spent a few minutes with you, and it often leaves you misunderstood. You end up with a prescription drug you didn’t even want. You may have started withdrawing from your friends, binge eating, drinking, sleeping a lot, procrastinating, or you may be only looking forward to that vacation. Sounds familiar?

Escaping stress feels excellent for a short while, but removing the stress on a deep level is a whole lot better and longer-lasting. The Harmonic Egg targets both the stored emotional charge (which is very detrimental to your health, happiness, and success) and assists in removing that charge.

Stress and emotional trauma cause INFLAMMATION, which causes bodily dysfunctions and disease. If not adequately addressed, they can seriously compromise health and well-being. The beauty of the Harmonic Egg is the ability to assist the body in resolving inflammation.

Dealing with negative stress at a deeper level is to your benefit. There are many advantages of allowing the body to reach a state of complete relaxation. The Harmonic Egg works at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Bringing balance to the body can help:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Heighten energy levels
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease overwhelm
  • Strengthen cognitive abilities
  • Eliminate environmental toxins
  • Enhance perceptions
  • Process emotional trauma
  • Increase creativity
  • Remove emotional charge
  • Stabilize moods
  • Improve focus
  • Strengthen vital organs
  • Accelerate spiritual insight
  • Enhance inspiration
  • Deepen feelings of peace & calm

The Harmonic Egg is often found after many traditional/conventional resources have failed. Once successful results are achieved, the Harmonic Egg typically becomes the healing modality of choice and one you will want to share with others.

Environmental Toxins

Our environment is laden with toxins that bombard us around the clock. i.e., Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs and 5G) from various devices, technology, electronics, and microwaves, all the things that make our lives more convenient. We see “chemtrails” that crisscross our skies filtering down into the air that we breathe. Aerosols, plastics, household chemicals and cleaners, pesticides, tap water, and make-up, the list goes on. We cannot escape the environmental toxins no matter how conscious we are or how careful we are in trying to minimize our exposure to them. Environmental toxins are a critical factor in causing many of the diseases and illnesses we see in today’s society. The Harmonic Egg can aid the body in maintaining balance to help reduce and counteract the damaging effects of environmental toxins.


Trauma and Healing


What is trauma? “Experiences or situations that are emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm people’s ability to cope, leaving them powerless.”
There are different types of trauma: Emotional/Psychological, Physical, Environmental, and Spiritual. Understanding what is happening before during and after a session helps one make sense of the process. Let’s look at them in greater detail.

Trauma, regardless of the type, gets blocked and then stuck in the body. The Harmonic Egg facilitates the opening of the energy pathways in the body, leading to release at any one or more of these levels. Sometimes these releases appear as side effects. As the release of old patterns takes place, one begins to feel more balanced and much lighter at an energetic level. Because everything is energy, we approach healing from a different perspective than conventional medicine. The goal is no pills, no drugs, no needles, no surgery. Energy healing has been around since the dawn of time. It’s all about creating balance, and once the energy begins to flow, there may be the possibility to release any imbalanced condition or disease. But, it is the body that is doing the healing. For this to happen, you have to be aligned (consciously or unconsciously) with the desire to heal. Healing cannot be forced.